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The Mischevious World of the Imp
Impys Gallery

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As a minority group of one, being an Imp is often misunderstood as a life choice. This information will help you to make an informed decision about her and her stoat mungering.
Upset her and she's liable to hex ya with her 'mild headache' spell. She has yet to upgrade this to 'a bit of a throbber'. She regularly takes the piss out of herself and the stoat she rode in on.
She flobbles gently (difficult to do apparently) and has done so for many years.

My Favorites

Favorite book: The Stoat Fancier's Almanack
Fave location:  Down the back of the sofa checking for loose change and newly evolved life-forms

My Hobbies

Stoat fancier extraordinaire (not in a creepy sexual way)

Class 4 Imping.
I also have a sideline in teaching the Innuit people of the lower reaches of Waterford the joy of nakedism.
NB; None of the above information is based in fact.  The writer bears no responsability for viewers who may sustain mild headaches whilst viewing this site.  In fact she accepts no liability for anything, ever.

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Miss Impy McImp
A couple more photys for ye....
The Imp practices her legendary hexing ability.

These are nuts of the highest order

Ever bored at work? Got access to the net? Get it all off your chest at p45

Truly the most disturbing shite in existance

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